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Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
I'm a 'high Viz' kinda guy, so on my BMW i have PIAA driving lights, pulsing brake lights, high viz jacket, high viz tape on my luggage and 3M reflective checkerboard tape on my helmet. I don't usually have problems on this bike, and if someone starts to edge over on me a blast from my Stebel horn usually gets their attention quickly.

In fact, I've had people pull off the road when they look in their mirror and see me come up behind them. Suspect I may look a bit like a leo with all the gear (+gps, etc).

On the old Vespa it's my high Viz jacket and helmet only, and the very dim 35w headlight and single taillight. Definitely feel more vulnerable on it, but part of that is that I sit much lower, and being a scooter the first thought people likely have is 'here's another one of those idiots riding a 50cc liquor scooter that won't be able to get out of his own way' so they tend to shift lanes to pass before they even realize I can keep up just fine with them.

They don't hurt my feelings, I just adjust my riding accordingly, and stay alert all the time and try to stay visible....

Note: when I run out on an errand and don't wear high viz gear I notice that i get encroached on way more frequently. Yeah, high Viz on a scooter looks stupid, but I do get noticed..
That's a matter of opinion. In my opinion, wearing proper gear shows that the rider takes his riding seriously, whether on a motorcycle or a scooter. High vis shows that the rider is safety conscious. I have always tried to wear bright helmets and jackets and recently got a hi vis helmet and jacket. Personally I think the guy wearing shorts, T-shirt, and flips flops looks stupid but to each his own.

BTW, between wearing bright gear and riding offensively, I seldom get encroached on or cut off. On the rare occasion I do, it's usually easy to see it coming. I have not noticed any difference in how I am treated between my motorcycles and scooters. Maybe that's because I wear similar gear on all of them.
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