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Originally Posted by a1fa View Post
I am really digging the ninth gen F series trucks, much more so than any newer trucks.

What is your ultimate 9th gen F series truck?

I've been on a serious hunt for 1992-1997 F150 or F250 LWB crew cab or extended cab in 4x4, and AT. What should one be on the look out? What's a desirable motor? Etc.

Educate me, please!
You won't find a crew cab F150 of that vintage.
What do you realy want out of the truck you are looking for?
If you just need a cheap light duty truck with minimal towing needs, a butt hauler with a bed, F150 with the 300 will do. The 300 was an industrial engine, really hard to kill as long as it gets some maintance. even when complete shot they still typically run OK.
The 302 V8 and 351 V8 were the other engines offered in the F150 of that date. The 351 gets a nod with a bit more torque.

The F150 transmissions of that vintage will be the AOD, AODE/4R70W, E4OD, and maybe the C6.
The AOD has the shift pattern PRN(OD)D1, least desirable transmission choice. 4-speed auto with a innovative locked torque convertor arrangment. It has a cable TV connection to control the shifts based off throttle position. Will be found on the early '90's with a 302. Not the greatest bit of engineering. Later they got computer controls with the AODE/4R70W which are both updated AODs with a ton of factory upgrades inside. Proper controled lock up torque convertor. The "W" is for wide ratio gear set, nice thing.

The C6 is a 60's 3-speed automatic. Strong and tough, bit of a power hog. The E4OD is an upgrade from the C6 with wide ratio gearset, lock up convertor and computer controlled. There are a few E4OD equipped F150s.

Now if you are looking for a crew cab and/towing then the F250 is a better choice. Really a completely different truck. Very limited use of the 302, some say never but I recall seeing one once and thinking it was swapped in. 351 is generally the base motor and will be on a crew cab. 460 gas is also available. 7.3 IDI (mechanical injected) diesel is OK, but very weak compared to modern diesels. Non turbo except for the very end. They have a cooling cavitation issue that will bore pin holes through the rear cylinder walls if the coolant isn't kept fresh. The real prize is the 7.3 powerstroke. Although not intercooled the computer controlled direct injected diesel is good for 200+ HP from the factory. 20+ MPG unladen is possible, better then any of the other choices. It is by far the most diserable engine choice. They will all be backed by the C6 or E4OD.

Then there is the bastard F250, the F150 with a heavy set of springs on it. F150 and F250 light duty are 5-lug, real F250s are 8-lug.
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