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I wrote this later, but still going to post it and.....

Bob, the cost of your our SPOT would pay the mobile home mortgage for three months for that McKinney County policeman. Why would they even need a GPS? How many people get lost there and have a SPOT?

Man oh man I really want to rant here. You seem to act like a limousine liberal. Do you really think that because you were not rescued in a few hours it is the fault of McKinley County or Crow Point? Really.

Hey we just got a call from dispatch. Another fat rich Texan needs his arse bailed out. Oh really what is up? Oh I guess this guy fell down and he can’t pick up his super awesome farkle queen motorcycle. This dude has some satellite emergency beacon thing and we got a call from some fella that want’s us to drive 70 miles out near Crow Point and go looking for him. I guess that domestic dispute, the bar fight, the report of shots fired out behind the Hardware or the methed’ out Indian trying to rob the All Sups again should wait. Call up Crow Point and see if they can get Jose to go look for him. They gave us a bunch of gibberish number but I think he may be down Burro Wash near the intersection of Waldo Arroyo and Hagerman's point? He may have wandered over on Eagle Feathers place? Well I think Jose is taking his daughter to Farmington for chemo but maybe he is painting the Parker place unless he is driving his sheep to Gallup. Well then see if the chief of the volunteer fire department can get that crazy son in law to go look for him. How long has be been crying for help on that satellite deal. Oh I reckon a few hours, maybe we can look for him tomorrow?

Do you really think you rank a super high priority? Let’s talk about the video. I know ugly third graders that can make a better video than your Movie Maker POS. Have you listened to this video, have you looked at yourself? Blasting away on the local police, they don’t know what a GPS is, they are literate? And you stumbling around, barely able to walk and mangling your words, blurry images? I bet the McKinley guys are laughing their ass off. I have read the whole SPOT thread and then watched your video after I posted. I came away with a few observations that I think needs to be shared here:
  • You got yourself into a situation that you could not handle on your own, but then wait a minute here. It’s Bush’s fault, I mean McKinley County.
  • You have a 600 to 800 pound motorcycle riding in the bad lands, in the remote deserts of New Mexico, and without a visa as well - being we are a third world country but we do speak some English. You wreck due to a rut – oh my, it was a big rut, should have seen it. Huge I tell you. WOW.
  • Now you have fallen. I love the part where you say that you were about to pass out, but you were able, in your last and dying grasp, to reach your SPOT, just before you passed out; but didn’t really pass out, but you thought you would. Okay, so you have fallen and YOU CAN reach your SPOT, so lets hit the red panic button. SOS, mayday, HELP, 911! But then you realize hey, I’m not dead, I’m not bleeding, I can breath (ABC – first aid right, airway, breathing and circulation). I think I broke my ribs. So I will say I need help.
  • You didn’t need help. You wussed out. And your from Texas, shame on you. But being the resourceful guy you are, you pulled out your LL Bean rope and pulley system but declined to remove your 500 pounds of luggage. I now, there was a lot of stuff on your BEEEEEEmer. the battery powered blender for mojitos, Cuban cigars in your Belfast pocket humidor, placed on top of the 5th of Chivas or is that Drambuie. And you can’t spill the ice in your Pelican beer cooler bought from Cabala's. So anyway you get the bike back up and I suppose it’s running.
  • But then you decided, I can’t ride with these broken ribs, so I will just hit my SPOT again and again. Let everyone know. May as well pull out my I pad and check my email, post on my blog and twitter, oh and face book. I’m asking where is that sat phone?
  • You gave up, decided that you will wait for help. So now lets get the third world New Mexico involved here. Where the hell are they? Oh snap, I may have to spend the night here? Oh my, lions, tigers and snakes, oh my. What will I do? FFFKKK! You man the hell up and say okay, I have lemons, time to make some lemonade now. Again, sometimes in life you got to man the hell up.
  • Back to you Bob. Your over 60, your riding a heavy ass BEEEEmer, out in the desert and I doubt you would have been able to walk a mile. God forbid if you ever fall over board on a boat, your dead dude. You are out of shape, over weight and depending on a SPOT for some cracked ribs.
  • 60 ain't crap if your in shape. I get beat in nationals by guys that are over 65, some even ride at 70+. Age is not as much a factor as body condition. I also have a freind that walked out of Virgin Canyon, about 10 miles of mountains to tell the rescue folks where his son was and then got on a bike and led them there, he was only like 68 years old though.
I know, pretty harsh. But you ranting on the McKinley County police is weak sauce dude. Should have left things alone. I bet waiters or waitress’s hate people like you, I bet you tip bad as well. You seem to be full of yourself in that video. Your rescue ADV FF’s have an IQ less than a third grader too I suppose. How much was that helicopter bill? Did the state get our money back? How about posting up that X-ray of those broken ribs, oh sorry, I meant the broken sternum. Have you paid it forward yet? Why don’t you call up Kmart in Gallup and pay off a few lay away accounts for diapers or gas for their generators. Maybe some feed for their sheep or a battery for their 1985 Dodge truck? You know there are folks living out there that don’t have electricity nor a GPS. You spend more on a tank of gas than they do on food for a month. Like they need a dang GPS system there, we will get sewer and water later. Need cell towers as well, can’t let those Texan’s spend the night out in the bad lands because they get themselves in such a predicament. I damn sure would rather be in a life boat with one of those illiterate Indians or locals than with you. I know a girl who was a world class marathon runner. She was winning the White Rock in Dallas one year and fell. Broke her wrist, bone actually broke the skin. She got back up and won the race. They asked how did you finish with a broken wrist? She said “oh the wrist, well I just dragged the useless limb”. Glad it wasn’t a rib or two.

Well Bob, you have a right to go get lost, get hurt, run off a cliff. You have a right to expect some help from local agencies, which you received. We are by nature adventurers. But to now make a video and rag on emergency personnel. All I can say is to go piss up a flag pole you jerk.

I think this thread should be called: Help, I fallen in a big rut with my big ass BMW and I can’t rech my SPOT! I see you put a hack on your BEEEEmer. Good idea, room for the portable satellite, cooler with ice cream and candy bars, maybe a few boxes of Twinkies and a keg of Heineken. Still have to watch out for that left side fall though. But if that happens, you can get out your LL Bean emergency tripod and pneumatic winch system to get you on your way. NASA and NOAA are tracking you now anyway, we will come rescue your sorry ass again when you need us. Just how ADV rolls me thinks.

If I offended you in any way, good. I hear there are some really good hill country rides down near Fredericksburg, maybe you should consider pavement from now on? And I would suggest getting a handicap decal for your BEEEEmer and side car, they have lots of handicap parking at the Bingo Hall and wifi for on the SPOT blogging and twitter..

Ateam is out.
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