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Originally Posted by Yossarian™ View Post
I don't think this one has been mentioned before; please forgive if I missed it.

On bikes that have endless (no discernible master link) chains from the factory, I usually clean the side plate of one link with parts cleaner, and then put a nice big dab of a bright color (yellow, red) automotive paint from a paint pen or the like in the middle of the side plate.

This helps me to find a starting/ending point for chain maintenance items like cleaning and relubing. Counting links gets pretty old, pretty fast.
that's a better idea, I usually just keep one plate shiny clean,

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In the garage the moths are no match for a shop vac. Those bastards can fly into your ear and attempt to gnaw their way thru your ear drum. To get them out you sit still while shining a light in your ear. They see the light and crawl out. If you kill them with the break cleaner then plan a trip to the ER to have it dug out.
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