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Originally Posted by hexnut View Post
I believe I would rather have poor economy than low oil, but thats just me...My scooter only holds .9 mils of oil and I want it all in there.
100% agreed. I think mine holds 910 mL as well. Not even a full quart.

I guess I should have been more clear: If the oil is overfilled, the crank can splash in the oil and froth it up just like a milkshake or a Latte. That's when the damage happens. Aerated oil is a poor lubricant. I think the guy who posted up about lowering the oil amount also had a rich fuel mixture from the high oil. I'm not sure about the connection there, but whatever.

And I did have way too much in there. Right up to the bottom of the dipstick threads, which is too much. I might have dumped out about 1.5oz. And it's still reading 75% on the dipstick. I honestly don't think it will make a difference, but I'm keeping an open mind to all advice.

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