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Quick question for you guys

I have an XRR that is somewhat stock, has a 4.3 gallon tank, BD headlight, homemade dual sport kit, stock gearing, lowered with a Performance Designs lowering block, and Kenda Trackmaster II's.

Here's a pic:

I see the pics and the mods of all of you guys, and there are some sweet looking pigs here. I was thinking about buying a DR650 for a second bike to use for longer rides, but a few deals fell through and now I am thinking about just setting the XR up a bit better.

My main questions are reliability, maintenance, and comfort.

How long are the motors/transmissions really good for, taken care of? I see a lot of conflicting stuff here all of the time, with numbers ranging from 80,000 to 20,000. Any rough ideas on when I'd be changing things like a crank, or internal transmission stuff? Piston and rings?

What oil change intervals are they actually good for? I know honda says 600, I've been doing them sooner and don't even have a speedometer or odometer, so I guess at this stuff.

Comfort wise, fix the seat, change gearing, and maybe a small bit of wind protection, right? Any recommendations on seat? Everything else I can figure out myself, but the stock seat is terrible. I have no natural padding.

I see luggage stuff being all over the map, and subframe concerns going every which way. It seems like I should be fine with the Giant Loop Coyote, right? Most of the breakage I've seen has been from way more stuff strapped on than just that. I'll probably have to strap a few things on the outside of the bag, maybe a tent, but nothing too heavy. Any and all heavy tools should be elsewhere somewhere, I haven't came up with a spot yet.

Thanks. I was kinda excited to have two dual sports and keep the XR light, but it's looking like I'll be better off spending some more money on her and having the 'one bike fits all' attitude.
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