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Sometimes a laptop in my backpack, but just rider and scoot most commutes.
6.5 miles to work, 6.5 miles home, 15-20 min each way. Over a large urban mountain range: 250' to 800' back down to 250'.
25-40 mph with 5-6 stops each way, and yes WOT to get going most of the time.
I don't think the rollers/variator are worn, but I don't know. Bought the bike with 3700 miles, and I have about 4300 now in a month. I just assumed that they're ok. I took the belt off, and it looks new, but what do I know. It was 18mm wide, and looked fine. I think that's the spec for a new one, and 16mm means replace. The rollers were buried in grease so I assumed they're fine too. I was able to hit 70mph on a slight downhill freeway stretch, but that's my only basis for assuming the belt is fine, or wide enough to get to the outside diameter of the variator.

I love the solution for just eliminating the bystarter. I was thinking that it would be wonderful to just eliminate that component from the equation. Unfortunately unplugging it doesn't do the job, rather the opposite.

I am actually pleased as punch to get 50mpg and have so much fun doing it. But at the same time, I really enjoy tearing into this thing to see if I can make it better. Thanks so much for the perspective, and some more ideas for me to entertain.

I'll keep posting my results, if for nothing else, my own record. Cheers!

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