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Day 3, Section 4, Wenatchee to Lake Chellan

We woke up and packed up early. This guy was trying to hitch a ride on my tent. I'm pretty sure that he wanted to get a little dirt in just like the rest of us.

We set up operations at the local Starbucks in Wenatchee.

Oatmeal and coffee are the perfect start to a day on the WABDR.

Erik pointing at some landmark on the map. Or subtly flipping me off.

We pack it in at Starbucks and hit the highway up to Cashmere. The dirt started shortly with clouds looming all around.

This third day of the trip and 4th section of the WABDR was fast and furious as we raced towards Lake Chelan. We were looking forward to a nice rest day at the lake and wanted to get there as soon as possible.

Unfortunately our get-there-itis caused us to miss out on a lot of breath taking scenery as we raced through. If I could recommend one thing on this trip it would be to take your time if you have it, and take lots of pics. You won't regret it later on.

When we did take the time to stop we realized that we were surrounded by beautiful landscape. Too bad we raced through so much of it. To be honest, it really makes me sad that we did - I want to go back for a second chance.

Coming from or going to, who cares. Just be there.

Erik checking on his bags again.

The clouds were actually a nice break this day as they kept the temps down a bit, did away with the harsh shadows on the trail that would hide a rock or rut, and brought some refreshing rain every now and again which didn't cause us any trouble.

Generally the roads were in good shape on this bit of the WABDR - maybe a little sand here and there.

Just look at that beautiful beast. You get yourself a bike like that and a cow cup and you're all set.

We met a couple of Canadians coming from the north on a couple of F800s. They were having a ball.

Some scenery from the trail that day.

The small town of Ardenvoir down in the valley. We stopped in the small town for a quick break.

We headed up and out of Ardenvoir on sandy double track for the final jaunt to Chelan. The clouds were still pretty thick, but it would soon be clear and sunny again.

The trail was great up there. Challenging enough, and fast.

The first views of Lake Chelan. I could hear it just shouting out my name.

Now here is where things got a bit tricky. I was the only one in our group of two running a GPS, but Erik is faster and no one wants to eat dust all the time, so he was out in front (way out in front) when he passed the turn for the "Jungle". We actually came from the road and direction that the bike is facing, and should have taken the turn to the right and up, but Erik blew past the hidden turn due the the lack of a GPS.

I waited at the turn for a little over a half hour with no sign of a motorbike running back up the road, so I resigned to head down the road that Erik took. It went down, down, down and dropped us off right at 25 Mile Creek camp ground.

I was kind of bummed to have missed the Jungle section, but what are you gonna do.

We hopped off the bikes at 25 Mile Creek and decided that this would be the place to camp for the night.

Before setting up camp, we headed up to Chelan for some pizza, fuel, and a bottle.

Back at 25 Mile Creek camp we unpacked, changed into something more comfortable, and then Erik began the ritual bag modifications for the evening

They are still on the bike at least.

Notice how he used wet wipes to protect the pretty painted surfaces on the X from the rash caused by the Velcro on the bag straps.

Who knew wet wipes were so versatile?!

Nothing but love.

Erik wading into the crystal clear waters of lake Chelan. It almost looks tropical, doesn't it?

The refreshing water breathed the life right back into me.

We actually swam in the lake three times that afternoon - we just couldn't get enough of it.

We held a competition between the two of us where we would dive down and come up with the biggest rock that we could manage. We almost drowned a couple times, but we did bring up some sizable rocks.

Nothing but pure, good fun. I missed Mike not being with us quite a bit. He would have liked it there.

Nothing like a bottle of Fireball "whiskey" to get the evening started. We dropped a couple of bags of ice into Erik's dufel and it chilled right up

Erik partaking from the cow cup. You gotta love that little cow cup.

Having a little more, this time directly from the bottle just before one of our three swims. :-?

Knackered, donezo, finished. Erik was not operational from this point until he woke up the next morning.

I even had to make his bed that night. What are friends for, right! :-)

We actually finished the Fireball off fairly quickly. I was in good spirits that evening.

A snack and a nice little snifter out of my little cow cup.

The time was probably 2100 and the camp was still bustling.

That's not Guiness in that cup my friends.

Here's to the WABDR! I was certainly content, relaxed and taking in the night. Life is very good, isn't it?

Shortly after this photo I hit the sack, on my tarp, under the stars. As I closed my eyes, I put an end to day 3.
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