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Originally Posted by stickman1432 View Post
Thanks for taking me along on this epic lazy stroll in BC. The report of Bella Coola was very intriging and the dirt roads are the only way to go. Each day I kept up with your route following it on MAPSOURCE..........outstanding roads and knowing the way to go from your hard copy mapbook is a great plus.
Good stuff! but I hope you didn't go around in circles in the Churn area... like we did
Originally Posted by Carl Spackler View Post
Thanks for the inspiration.

Three of us left Seattle last Wednesday and camped at Woodlands Thursday night. The next morning, we left for the short ride to the ferry at 8:45. When we pulled out of the campsite, my friend's bike died going up the small paved road. No idea what was wrong. I rode on to the ferry and was told we have to be there by 9:45. By the time I got back, he had his plastic parts off the R1200R. He noticed he couldn't hear the fuel pump. We goofed around with a wire and the hot lead from the battery. Stuck the other end in each of the apertures of the wiring harness. Eventually, we heard the pump clicking. Taped everything in place and crossed our fingers. Made it to the ferry with 10 minutes to go! When we got to Bella, we found a boat shop and picked up an SAE connector. A little goofing around and we had a hookup that had to be disconnected every time he stopped the bike. BUT, we made it back to Seattle safe and sound on Sunday.

Had a fantastic trip. Best thing I saw was a wolf crossing the road 50 yards in front of me with a large bleeding fresh kill in his mouth. Very cool.

Thanks again for the inspiration!
You are very welcome! glad to hear that you guys made it safe back home despite the bike issues

That wolf for sure faces high competition with all the bears in the area... he did well, eh?
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