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Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
No, the bike itself is holding in there just fine. No bolts rattle out (other than seat bolts?) and everything is fine. I've done no repairs to this thing other then normal wear items and a pinched oil filter cover o-ring. I do check the valves every 4000km too while doing the oil filter change.

By "loose" I mean the engine is pretty easy to kick over. The compression is still there, but the stroke between the compression is pretty easy. I can still do wheelies and powerslides at 90-100km/hr.

My bike has all the things you mentioned and every one is worth it. DC voltage isn't too bad depending on your existing electrical system and how it grounds. The fan and GPS power cord are great! I've never really had a problem with mine overheating, but I knew it was running hot and the fan adds peice of mind to that. I know it's cooling off faster when Im going slow, and at least keeping the temps at bay while stopped. I've rode in 44 degree heat in the city without any issues. Same with coastal humidity and Moab dryness (38 degrees).

On top of what you listed I have heated grips, 12v plug that I've never used..., and I think that's it. Oh! Another good thing about the GPS cord is you can charge a cell phone with it using an adapter. I've recently added a small battery under the seat to help smooth low RPM voltage and charge cell phones using the GPS cord at night. I have done and do a lot of random camping with this bike so that small source of power is great! It's not big enough to run accessories once the bike is shut off though. After about 2 minutes my HID will start to flicker (35w).

I think rad braces are a must as well. The stock skid plate on these are pretty good and the nice thing about plastic is they slide over trees and rocks (at least better than aluminum). That being said I have a Ricochet on mine. Rad braces are a must. I come from the bush and see a lot of crushed rads, some of them leaking, etc. Even being able to bypass one is a good idea. Otherwise cooling is good in my books. Keeps oil temps reasonable and requires minimal maintenance. The downside is its another thing to fail.
Awesome man, thanks. You convinced me I think, I'm going to give up on a DR for now and focus on this. Either way I would have a winter project setting one of them up, might as well set-up the bike I already own.

Edit- I just finished reading this thread start to finish, my wish list right now is huge. The key focus for me at this point is to do as much as I can without adding too much weight, or detracting from the bike's ability. The only real weight adding stuff is going to be a small tool kit and mount, some electronics like a real speedometer, and bike protection stuff, like the skid plate and some radiator braces. I'm hoping to avoid adding a rear rack, I don't think it will be necessary with a Giant Loop. I've looked for ways to save weight elsewhere on the bike, there isn't much 'extra stuff' that can be taken off.

Hopefully my 4-wheeler sells to fund the project, if so then I'll have a build-up post this winter. I like to tear bikes down over the winter and do everything, so if it goes right I'll have a box of new parts to go on. My shop is coming along nicely, by winter I'll have a small area in the house set aside for bike work.
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