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I wear high viz all the time but I still pretend that they don't see me whether I am on my motorcycle, scooter (when I had one), or my bicycle.

BTW, I've been riding since 1954 but I don't care how long you have been riding. High viz might help but don't depend on it, you had better ride defensible.

I hear ya. I don't 'depend' on hi viz at all, it's just one of many things I try to do to improve my visibility and safety factor. Boots, full face helmets, extra lighting are all good, but a texting driver can only be avoided by being proactive and alert.

As an aside, I drove my truck to work today and took a different route (over a covered bridge that I won't travel on my bikes). I heard on the radio there was a wreck at the intersection near my house that I most dread on my ride to work because it's a "keep moving" merge onto a 45 mph road that traffic typically runs over 60 on. I had a moment where I thought 'that could have been me' if I'd taken the scooter today. Gave me shivers...
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