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Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
500cc, 500 lbs, and from most angles looks like a full size bike...yes I would expect that there is little difference between drivers perception of a full size bike and your scooter.

I believe if you rode my little 30 year old Vespa on your same Atlanta roads your experience might be different. I know mine has been. I'm not new to this either- I've been riding since 1972.
I agree 100%. I do not get the same respect from cages on my Agility 125 as I do on the Tmax. But I have never had a problem with a cage while on the Agility, as I have always followed the advice given to me by my older and wiser neighbor when I got my first bike at 14 - "ride like you are invisible and all the cages are out to kill you". It has worked for me for the last 40 years. I also don't venture far from home on the Agility or take it on roads with a speed limit higher than 45 mph.
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