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Day 4, Section 5, Lake Chelan to Conconully

Back on his feet, Erik packs his gear surprisingly quickly. We break camp and head to Chelan for some breakfast.

We meet this fella along the highway. The smell was rather pungent.

The Starbucks in Chelan was very busy, but we found a good spot in the corner to get some oatmeal and coffee in us.

Heading up Cooper Mountain Road out of Chelan, we spot the last glimpse of the lake. It is a great lake and I will miss it. We had good times there, but now it's time for more dirt riding.

I was also very happy this morning for a different reason; Mike was heading back out to meet us at the end of this leg in Conconoly, to camp for the night and finish the trip with us in the morning.

The morning was beautiful, and it only got better.

The trail was great, the riding fast, and the temp was perfect.

Every now and then we hit stretches of sand, but if you keep your speed up then you do just fine.

We stopped at this stream for a little break. While there, I had a pretty little visitor.

Look at him hanging out there. I bet he was looking for a good spot to sit for a bit and get some dirt time.

We actually saw lots of big butterflies throughout the trip.

Visiting the very VERY small town of Carlton along hw97.

Hw97 is the connector between stretches of dirt in this section.

We stopped at Rock Creek camp just off of Loup Loup Canyon Road for a little break.

The trail surface varied in this area and there were lots of cows. Watch out for cows!

Erik dropped his water bottle along the way. No worries.


Erik checking out the cows.

The one nearest to him on the right looks like a lioness to me for some reason.

I bight it at low speed coming up this wash.

No worries though. We just laugh about it.

Ruby Hill

Ruby hill was quite the experience. It is a very steep hill with large embedded rock in the track. I was pretty much on the rear break with the engine in first gear the whole time just creeping along. About half way down the rear break failed and I went to the front break. This got me down, but I'll have to admit, I was a bit rattled.

Erik seemed to think that it wasn't a big deal.

Here is my rear rotor after the Ruby Hill descent. I checked the rear break fluid reservoir at the bottom and I couldn't see the fluid line. I was thinking "it's empty, really? How could that be?" What was really going on is the the reservoir was completely full. After the bike sat for a while some fluid drained from the reservoir back into the line and the rear break came back to life.

If anyone knows what happened there, I would love to hear an explanation.

Getting off the dirt and heading into Conconully for a nice evening. Mike should be back soon!

Conconully welcomes us.

Our camp site is literally just across the highway to the left.

Setting up camp.

Once again I choose to sleep under the stars on my camo tarp.

I really am living the life here and I feel that my expression reflects that.

Looking back on the trip even though it has only been a few days, I am really missing it.

I just love this bike.

I know, I know, but let me get into this for a bit. This bike has served me so well ever since I have owned it. I've put just about 20,000 miles on it myself and it has NEVER EVER EVER given me any issues. It runs strong, pulls hard even with me on it, packs a lot of gear, and is comfortable going down the highway or dirt track. It's super simple to work on, and I mean just about as simple as it gets. All this on top of the fact that it's a good looking bike.

You just gotta love those DR650s.

I know, you're not supposed to put those WABDR stickers on your bike until after the trip, but Erik got them for all three of us and I just couldn't wait to put it on there.

I think that it looks pretty good right there myself.

Look at the little stream that runs right by our camp. I tell you, just perfect.

We're all set up and waiting for Mike's arrival, so we decide to head to the lake for a swim.

It was refreshing to have a dip after a hot dusty day on the trail.

No boulder lifting competition this time around.

Mike finally makes it after quite a jaunt from Puyallup, WA, up to Conconully. I bet he was tired of sitting on that KLR.

Right away when Mike arrived this little dragon fly landed on his shoulder and did not want to leave. You could pet it and everything. Crazy!

We headed to the restaurant just down the street from the camp ground for some frosty beverages and some dinner. Mike and I were feeling pretty good with our light beers, but Erik was feeling the burn, literally...

When we were parking the bikes at the restauraunt, Erik leaned the X over on the side stand giving the pipe the opportunity to do a nice brand job on his leg.

If you zoom into this pic, you can see a screw head perfectly branded into his flesh. Ouch. He was a sport about it though.

Back at camp he gives the burn some attention.

We didn't have a proper compress bandage, so he cut off a sock and made it work.

Check out the wire fencing they put around the bases of all the trees here. It's there to keep the beavers from gnawing the trees down.

Not long after it got dark the creatures emerged from the woods.

With eyes peering from the bush, the three of us crawled into bed for some much needed shut eye. This would end day 4.
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