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Originally Posted by philp38 View Post
Plus 1 .... Would like to know how it cruises at 55mph.
I can tell you that from my test ride. It does so effortlessly.
I yanked it up to 120 Km/h (75 mph) indicated on a slighly uphill section of highway (I live in a mountainous region), and it still had a bit more steam in it. I didn't go full whack due to crosswinds, but I do not expect it to be much faster than that - which is fine by me.

At a severe incline (say as severe as a freeway will go) it held up 100 km/h / 62mph in 5th, with no trouble whatsoever getting a bit more to pass some slower cars.

6th gear is kind of an overdrive, but it pulls nicely all the way to 5th.

For the record, 6ft1", 190 lbs.
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