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Originally Posted by Yooper_Bob View Post
Dealer - "Yeah...we've got that tube in stock, come on down"

.....30 minute drive later....

Dealer - "well, its not exactly what you asked for on the phone, but it'll stretch".

I called the local KTM dealer, so see if they could mount some tires I had purchased, as I was going to be out of town on business, and would not have time.

Me - "Hello....can you mount a couple of tires for me? I'll pull the wheels off the bike, and drop them by."

Dealer - "Did you buy the tires from me?"

Me - "Um, no I did not....I ordered them on the internet a while back when they were on sale"

Dealer - "I don't want your business"

I have not set foot in the local KTM dealer's shop in the 5 years since that conversation took place.

Both of these are true conversations I have had...
Ditto with the local BMW shop,I brought a tire in to have them mount up,for the usual 45.00 for off the bike 10 minute tire change,I only brought in the wheel and tire.
I was trying to get on the road for a trip...........The looong looks and admonitions that they really dont do this kind of thing went on....where did you buy this tire?....Weve got those tires here....... 45.00 they made off me + the 5.00 for each BMW wheel weight.

Is that not business and they made money? Either way Im cured of the BMW thing,
Its no wonder bike shops drive customers away,they are living in the past and dont realize every customer counts no matter what they need done.No Matter What.
Some bikes around at times
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