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this happened to me about two years ago, when i was researching for motorcycle purchase #2. i had bought #1 from this place in 2008, but they've gone by the wayside since.

me: why is there no oil pressure warning indicator on this bike?

sales idiot: it's okay, the cylinders are coated in molybdenum. these new ones can run dry until you can top off on oil.

me: *pause, with stare*...i don't know if i should congratulate you on your bravery at trying to pass that off on me as truth or if i should be insulted that you think i'm that stupid. where's your sales manager?

sales idiot: he's out today

me: and so am i. *leaves*

seminole power sports, sanford, FL
suffice to say, they won't get another dime from me. they get bent out of shape when you ask when they'll have more chain lube in stock.
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