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Originally Posted by Süsser Tod View Post
Your New Beetle or the desired Mini and Fiats are nothing like the originals. The originals were utilitarian cars to get from A to B, comfort was not part of the design considerations. The new retro cars are boutique cars. New Vespa 150/300 is the same to a vintage Vespa than a new Mini is to a real Mini.
This, I am more than aware of. But an air-cooled Beetle is not something I can have for a daily, and not something I have room for as a toy, so it's only a dream. My New Beetle is a nod to the original, that's all. And I'm fine with that for a daily driver. If I had my way, I'd have a fleet of old cars. A DeSoto, a Type 3 Notchback, a RHD Mini... but that day will probably never come.

Anyway, I have never owned an automatic car, and I don't see a need to own a twist and go scooter, it just won't happen. It's not a opposition to the style of the scooters, it's the transmission. If the GTS Super had a clutch, I'd be into it.
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