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At the Racheria Market we stopped for fuel and met several other riders. In the background, Helen found a Dutch rider to practice her native language with.

Bob and "Reverse Gear"

Bob was just as passionate about the KTM as I am. We had a good time discussing the different mods to each others bike. It was the only KTM 990 w/Safari Tanks spotted all trip. They are a British couple coming back from Prudhoe Bay. They have ridden over 60,000 km and also did the southern tip of South America.

The Dutchman and a Cool Old Ride

A little further down the road we were delayed slightly at the washout location. The big rusty culvert used to be what the small creek ran under the highway in.
A week or so earlier this section of the Alaska Highway was completely closed after a flashflood didn't like squeezing into the culvert.

In Teslin, we stopped to dry off after riding through a big rainstorm at the Yukon Motel and Restaurant. We hadn't really planned on eating dinner yet,
but looking at everyone else's big plates of home-cooked style meals changed our minds. We had probably the best meal of the trip here. We give this place 4 thumbs up!

I had the Turkey Dinner...

...and some of Helen's Pot Roast.

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