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Originally Posted by GOZFST View Post
I broke my leg right above my ankle in 1970 when a drunk hit me while I was stopped at a light, years later I developed arthritis in the ankle, that got to the point where I needed cortisone shots every 3 months, 10 years ago I had my ankle fused, the pain went away after the fusion but I can no longer point my toes down and there is no way to get slip on boots on anymore. I hope you heal better than I did.
My OS said that I will probably develop arthritis in my knee, but given my age, that is something that could have happened anyway. It's still better than the alternative! I'm very happy that I can walk mostly normally.

I think there's also been huge improvements in orthopedic care and outcomes tend to be better now than 40 years ago. For example, the use of titanium instead of stainless steel has led to better outcomes -- due partly to the lower modulus of elasticity, which closely matches bone (an interesting factoid I learned after my surgery ).
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