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Day 10 To Alaska!

Today is the day we plan to make it to Alaska (again).
We need to survive the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territories first.
Holy Bumpy Pot-Holed Hell!
In one rather heavily pot-holed construction zone we hit one big hole so hard I thought for sure we had crashed.
When I opened my eyes and realized we were still upright, Helen was punching me in the kidneys.
We hit that bump so hard her foot slipped off the peg and then her ankle slammed into the bike leaving a big contusion.
Maybe I'll slow down for the next construction zone. Maybe...

It was cold and rainy most of the day!

The rivers were all swollen.

and the bridges a little sketchy.

As the highway was wrapping around Kluane Lake we were treated to extreme crosswinds, pouring rain and temperatures as low as 38 degrees. Ouch! It was painful. My faceshield was fogging and so I spent as much time as I could stand with it opened. We pull into the "She'll Breeze Inn" at Destruction Bay. I'm glad the place was there as we were badly in need of a warmup. The food was just okay, barely.

We reach the border crossing to Alaska. There is a long line of vehicles. We sit in the slow moving line for over 20 minutes in the heaviest thunderstorm of the trip. We get a thorough soaking and start getting worried as the lightning gets closer and closer. Finally it's our turn and we are welcomed into Alaska!

We meet a Harley rider from Alaska and end up leapfrogging him at a couple other stops. We are in Tok, Alaska when he mentions maybe just riding all the way home tonight. He said it was another 7 hours. I made a remark about the safety of riding in the dark. He reminded me it never really gets dark here this time of year. Doh! I guess I knew that, but do you really believe it before seeing it? That's when I realized for the first time, we really are way up north!

We made it to Tok where all of our crap exploded all over a room at Young's Motel.
We are learning "waterproof" doesn't really mean it...

That's all for Day 10.

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