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Originally Posted by 1Bonehead View Post
OK my question:
I own a CRE250. A mtorcycle factory converted Honda CR 250. It has its own vin number and not a honda VIN.

Could I get a Vermont title and plates for it then retitle here in MD? Since it is a 1995 should I wait until next year or go with the vin check and get a Vermont title anyway?

I want to make it a street legal 2 stroker
You can never get a Vermont title for a 250 because only bikes 300cc and up are titled. You get a registration only.

Originally Posted by Spitfire151 View Post
One question I do have is how does inspection and insurance work on situations such as this?
Insurance works the same way it does almost everywhere, you buy insurance and they give you a card :)

Inspections in Vermont aren't linked to the registration; enforcement is by the cops giving you a ticket for no sticker, which can only happen in Vermont.
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