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Originally Posted by arjones View Post
First of all, I'd like to say your "ride report style" is the best ever. Amazing photos, plus texts only when it's really necessary and well written too.
Believe me or not, on the first days of January/2012 I was riding out of El Calafate, south Patagonia (going back home in northeast Brasil), and I had a little chat with this couple. They were happy to talk in English for a change, since they were far from home for quite some time and struggling with the Spanish. And to find them here in your RR? This definitely proves to me that this advrider forum stuff is really amazing.

Also is important to say that his wife is not only his "reverse gear", but helps him to throw his leg over his bike (I saw it and it was an example of "team work" right there) I don't want "to hijack" your thread, but when I get home I'm gonna looking for some photos I took of them, just to check with you they are the same couple (well, I'm pretty sure they are)

Anyways, congrats on your photo work man, it's really beautiful. And if I could write a RR some day, I would do it the way you do it.

Thanks for sharing.

It's a small advrider World Arjones. He is actually a member here, but said he nevers posts. I hope I got his name right. I don't know his name here. Here's another picture of them. I forgot her real name, maybe Cindy or Sharon. Oops!

Thanks for the kind words.

Originally Posted by vtwin View Post
As others have said, amazing photos!
Thanks vtwin! It's always nice to hear you guys are enjoying it.

Originally Posted by max384 View Post
Wow. You don't happen to have the coordinates to this bridge, do you? I keep an ever-evolving list of places, big or small, that I want to see. This looks cool enough to make it on the list!

BTW, I switch desktop backgrounds quite frequently... and this picture just made it as my new background for the time being!
Here's a hint:

It's just off the highway. We didn't actually ride across this bridge.

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