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I broke my leg right above my ankle in 1970 when a drunk hit me while I was stopped at a light, years later I developed arthritis in the ankle, that got to the point where I needed cortisone shots every 3 months, 10 years ago I had my ankle fused, the pain went away after the fusion but I can no longer point my toes down and there is no way to get slip on boots on anymore. I hope you heal better than I did.
Yikes.. Did you do PT? Pool, walk, stretching, range of motion stuff?

On the 24th of August it will be 2 months from my crash. Im no longer in a scooter. I have switched from cruthes to a cane & I've started walking a little in my walking boot. I have also just started limping around the house with just slippers on, no crutches, cane or scooter. Just my own two feet! Slow, somewhat awkward but... I am walking kinda.

I keep getting warned of arthritis. I am/was very active and just hope that with the PT, pool therapy, range of motion & ARPwave treatment 5 x week we might see favorable results. I have no desire to take the plate/hardware out. Too icky. Surgery and being down for another 3 months... I doubt my checkbook, wife, work could tolerate another blow.

Thanks for your update Eyes Shut. Keep on, keepin on!
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If you're wearing Crocs, chances are that you're not smart enough to tie your shoes.
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