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Originally Posted by philp38 View Post
Thanks Tiago... Just what I needed to know.
Originally Posted by Tiago View Post
I can tell you that from my test ride. It does so effortlessly.
I yanked it up to 120 Km/h (75 mph) indicated on a slighly uphill section of highway (I live in a mountainous region), and it still had a bit more steam in it. I didn't go full whack due to crosswinds, but I do not expect it to be much faster than that - which is fine by me.

At a severe incline (say as severe as a freeway will go) it held up 100 km/h / 62mph in 5th, with no trouble whatsoever getting a bit more to pass some slower cars.

6th gear is kind of an overdrive, but it pulls nicely all the way to 5th.

For the record, 6ft1", 190 lbs.
I have had mine in thailand for 3 months now top speed 5th gear 130 km/r gps 121 and 6th gear seen 140 on the clock which is around 130 gps
Few things to watch for dropped mine on the radiator side this then moved the radiator to come in contact with the fan which then caused the rotating fan to put hole in radiator really do need a rad brace for these bikes but dont seem available yet
Also i seemed to have tigtened the plastic lid on the expansion tank to much and it split the top of the lid off there seems to be no lip on the expansion tank so its a bit easy to over tighten itapart from them little problems love the bike 2500 km done so far
Hopefully now the bike has made it to us and europe we should see more aftermarket parts come available.
Oh and on you tube there is a thai guy getting his to 163 km/r says he has just changed sprokets id would say his speedo is now reading completely wrong and its no where near the indicated speedo reading

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