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I like it that Honda take many Parts out of the big box .

I need a new Helmet lock for my XR 250 Part No. 50710-KCZ-J71 Price from a australia Website 36,70 AUD
Plus shipping &Tax .

Now i get a Helmet lock for the CRF 250L today Part No. 50710-KCZ -J71 from the local Honda dealer here in Thailand Price 600 Baht thats half the Price , no shipping or Tax .

Rims , Breaks and some other Parts looks like they will fit both bikes .

Just order the steering stem and Top brige for the CRF 250 L for 2790 Bath thats 84 AUD compare to 667 AUD in Australia .

I like that Bike even i maybe never buy one . It reduse my Spare part costs a lot .
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