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There are many people who never had the chance to row a shxx can junk car around with a three speed on the column when they were young.Or a small Japanese car with a 600cc engine and a four speed.. For the same reason guys got to have a Harley, many people have to get shifting out of their systems. I don't have a problem with that, I was young once. But, If I find myself in stop and go, bumper to bumper, beach traffic, on a hot summer weekend, I want to be riding something with a CVT.
A long time ago I was listening to a talk show about wine. A call in question was "how do I become a wine expert"? The answer from the expert was simple " drink lots of wine"! It's the same with bikes. Buy what you want, don't kid yourself with the results, and keep trying till you get the bike that is fun to ride. This is not easy, and is why people sometimes have garages full of them.
Brought back a memory.

Know when I really decided shifting wasn't worth it? In Sturgis, of all places - when I stumbled into town a week before Bike Week; and was locked in traffic. I thought I would burn out the clutch of my R1200GS, all the creeping along. Engine was overheating, too...I took to leg-pedaling it forward. Until a way opened up to get me OUT of there...

Shifting on a bike, as a routine...ain't all it's cracked up to be. In some uses, some applications, sure. Not for urban areas or stop-and-go situations.
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