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It's looking more and more like the next update is going to be 8.0. It looks like the adaptive camo patterns might be a worthwhile purchase.....

Preliminary features list:
  • New Physics
Realistic model of vehicle movement: possibility to push ‘live’ vehicle, drive down slopes and jump from the cliffs. Thanks to new physics almost all cases of ‘stucking’ will be fixed. Tanks dynamics will be more realistic.
  • Personal emblems and inscriptions.
A large choice of personal emblems and inscriptions for vehicles, using which players will be able to make their vehicles more individual.
  • Changes and improvements of User Interface.
  1. Radial menu of messages. Improved system of fast messages will come along with new interface, making their use more comfortable and easy to understand. Some details can be found here.
  2. Enlarged after battle statistics. Information with battle results will be displayed in hangar after the round ends. It will have no limits in display time. Statistics will have lots of new details.
    Some details can be found here.
  3. Reworked Tech Trees. Tech Trees will receive new improved and informative interface. Player will be able to make purchases of unlocked modules and calculate experience till the next time without leaving the window. Also Tech Trees will now display vehicles according to their Tier.
  • Excluding game modes in random battles
Players will be able to exclude one or two game modes introduced in 7.4 from random battles. Standard battle will have no option to be excluded, because its core game mode.
  • New Camouflage system
Players will receive the possibility to purchase 3 types of camouflage which will coincide with 3 types of maps – ‘Summer’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Sand’. The ‘Summer’ pattern will be displayed only on summer maps, like Prohorovka, while the ‘Winter’ pattern will camouflage tanks only on ‘Winter’ maps. The ‘Sand’ camouflage will color the vehicle in a similar way on the more sandy maps like El Halluf. But the main thing in the update is the fact that adaptive camouflage will now give a 5% bonus to the camouflage rates of the vehicle.
  • New USSR TD’s**:
    • SU-100М-1 (Tier VII),
    • Uralmash-1 (Tier VIII),
    • SU-122-54 (Tier IX),
    • Object 263 (Tier X).
  • The first British Premium vehicle Matilda Black Prince.
'09 Kawi Versys

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