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Wow, those are some hefty changes.

I guess I'm for the mode choices, too. I try to go with the flow of the game, and not complain about maps or whatever (because, really, it all seemed good to me ... yes, even the change-up of having a lot of arty some battles, one or two the next, and none on some others) (funny about the guys who write comments of joy when they have a no-arty battle... they don't seem to do anything stellar to help the team when I watch them despite the loss of their 'foe', lol), but the "Assault" mode has been absolutely stinking for my 'attack' teams for two weeks now, and since I get 'assault' more than 'defend' I might just skip that mode most of the time.

Then again, there's the possibility that those who won't skip that mode will be much more forward-thinking and skilled players? Might be worth it, but... then if the defense side is skilled, there is usually no beating them.
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