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Talking Day 7 Riding to Yellowstone with the great Pumpkin

So after being showered with awards and wearing my motorcycle as a hat it was time to head out from the Klim rally and off to Yellowstone. Several of the folks there awoke in tents that apparently had indoor swimming pools from the hard rain but my REI Half Dome 2 plus was dry as a bone. After an awesome breakfast thanks to the Happy Trail folks it was time to hang my stuff up and hope the sun would dry it up.

lost alaskan who I had met there said he didn't need to be any where until Wednesday and joined the adventure. He showed me a few picks of the Bear tooth pass and decided I had to do that and once you see the pics you will as well. So now I had a riding partner and off to Yellowstone. Alaskan was vastly more experienced than me and was on a KTM 990, he had lots of amazing pics from his rides in Alaska and New Zeland, man I had some catching up to do. Several folks at the Klim rally had ridden a dirt rode that was an old railroad track into yellowstone that they said was awesome. Its a bit tricky to find as we passed it and went down the least scenic half first. Anyway from Rigby take HWY 20 to Ashton and then 47 toward Mesa Falls for 12 miles.

Make sure you don't miss Mesa Falls see them first then turn around and go to the parking lot on the west side of the road, its huge an open; go to north end of the parking lot and then drive left through a culvert and your there you are. The old tunnel is closed off but awesome.

Finally we find the Railroad route which will take you all the way to Yellowstone,

Alaskan had warned me that Yellowstone was going to be packed as Disneyland but I thought he was exaggerating and really wanted to go anyhow. Being a sport he agreed to follow. Finding a hotel was not easy or cheap , after seeing it I wouldn't stay in West Yellowstone anyway. Luckily since your reading this you will learn of the best place to stay in the area and I think it was $110 or something. Anglers lodge in Island park Idaho, beautiful place, our porch was right on the river! I bought some beer ( Alaskan Amber, what else) and me and Alaskan talked about life, motorcycles, and old girlfriends.

I tried desperately to find a place to wash my overly ripe clothes. Since I was on the big dog plan I had only one shirt and one pair of socks( I cheated and had two shirts and two pair of socks) , yea it was bad. I had to resort to the sink which made them less likely to give me a rash but I wouldn't call them “clean”. Bring an empty nylon drysack to trap the stink or it will attack everything.

While parking at the hotel a lady and guy come over to check out Alaskans KTM 990 and ooo and ahh over it, hey it is a cool bike. The lady dismisses the WR250R and say’s “ You need to get a bigger bike” Whatever lady I wish I had a bigger bike once or twice so far and was glad I had the WR250R hundreds of times. A lady carrying an oxygen tank shouldn't talk shit about my ride. Why do people say stuff like that, obviously I like it why else would I own it. Just be nice,I don't particularly like Harley’s but if someone is so proud of there bike I don't feel the need to say “To much chrome on that thing, hardly any ground clearance on that” Anyhow ...Tomorrow its Yellowstone

147 Miles on the Odometer and riding in the shadow of the Great Pumpkin KTM 990

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