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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post

Speaking of fans, this was an inspiration to shut my system down just now and try to clean it out. A can of "Dust Off" spray air, all through the system, didn't seem to do much of anything, so I took Q-tips, wet the heads with a cleaner, and cleaned the fan surfaces of my chip and case fans - and that worked much better.

Always good to get those clean once in a while. (I may be on a summer fan-kick though - I took apart both house-fans we use here to clean their blades and the motor-area on the one I could get into easily... both are more efficient, and somewhat faster now) .
Once a year, I bring my system down to the garage and used compressed air to get all the dust out. Do it outside, because the amount of crap in there is disgusting. Same with the keyboard.
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