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Question Confidence required!

Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post
Noted, thanks for all the concern and input.

Maybe someday... I'm still completely unconcerned.
Confidence in our equipment is essential to be able to enjoy our activities.

Can you imagine a skydiver not having confidence in his/her parachute packing?

A race car driver wondering if the pit crew remembered to tighten the lug nuts as he hits 180 mph??

But we can be confident and unconcerned about our equipment and be WRONG.

I am sure this rider was unconcerned about his bike as he practiced his skills....

I think the lack of safety gear attests to his confidence, and/or lack of intelligence

Another example of misplaced confidence is this girl:

She is trusting her life to her friend's riding ability to keep her safe.

Maybe she has ridden with him many times with not the slightest fear.

Perhaps she has watched him go around this corner again and again before he invites her to ride along.

However, she should have been concerned.....

Take a look at this picture and what do you see?

Front wheel has lost traction and they are going down.
In less than one second they will be sliding on the pavement with the weight of the bike on their left legs.
Notice her left foot? She has probably lost most of her left toes already and she doesn't even know it yet.
This is the small version of the picture, the large image shows her foot clearly twisted sideways on the asphalt.

Maybe the rider had taken this corner a hundred times at this speed and even faster, so he was confident in his ability to take her for a safe thrill ride. Perhaps he forgot to take into account the extra weight on the rear tire that made the front tire light and lose traction. Maybe he just got on the throttle too soon or too hard. Whatever the reason, the result is the same, blood, guts, gore, and scars for life, at the very least.

Sometimes there is no warning when things go wrong brother.
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