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Yeah yeah yeah... thinking about gusseting the front top T until I do major rework.

Anyway, front sprocket nut is stuck on - not a left hand thread from what I've read. Washer is flat, used a pneumatic impact wrench (could use more air pressure - my compressor sucks), soaked in WD40. I think the previous owner used a lot of permanent strength loc-tite... I applied a bit of heat to the nut as well, but that may have been a bad idea...

Anyway - dowloaded the progam for the PCIII - I may play with the maps a bit this weekend. It's been crazy busy at work and at home the last week, but off on vacation soon!

Bought another stock tank to try to modify similarly to what I already did, but tig it this time and keep it looking better all around. That'll get worked on weeks from now though...
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