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Originally Posted by mightymatt43 View Post
i figure i ought to weigh in a little bit on this seeing as i was mentioned.

i only have experience with CSM rigs (i don't believe i've ever even seen one from Jay) but ours is pretty freaking tough. we did have a few issues as we had a HEAVY "touring" rig built as opposed to a more DS style rig, this is largely our fault. we've actually already been in contact with Claude and are planning on doing some mods that will definitely make a difference. as far as the bike goes, however - the fact that our 1200 has tugged along a seriously heavy rig along these roads with only one issue of an oil leak (due to a shared engine bolt with the subframe of the sidecar)... i'm blown away. nothing but impressed with the BMW.

as elmer said, knowing your rig and having the correct tools is most of the battle. plus, being able to plan for your particular riding style before-hand is huge - something we failed to do down here in SA.

any rig is going to have a few hiccups given tough circumstances, but my view is that i spent the money to beat the crap out of it on an adventure. the TAT is waiting!
Hola Mattie and Team...

Glad you chimed in...and remember this was no criticism regarding your "BigBoy's" girth, just an analysis of some consequence when one goes pretty "big" and heavy although doable! Glad you mentioned the durability and ruggedness of the machine as many want to do the same with the Ural ?? One guy just mentioned about hauling a #576 trailer behind the Ural and I nixed the idea. You have be now learned the ropes with what works and what does not work too're experienced offroad travelers now...we seek your opinion...You both been on the Ural from Texas > Inuvik, NWT > BMW to SA and back. Book writing quality and photography beyond imagination...wooo...You've been guinea pigs for all Sidecar manufacturers..what works and what doesn't they emulate...We all on ADV and the Hack naive congratulate you both on such an endeavor.

Then for the rest, stay healthy, safe and give your Kristen a from me!

Cheers, ELMER
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