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Sh1bby69 is now $100 richer, and I reckon I have a subframe on the way. :3

Thank you, Sh1bby. You are hereby awarded the Leaf Medal of Awesome.

I admit that I am an awful, awful tightwad, and that my toes curl when I blink. I had an internal argument with myself over squeezing money out of my tight, tight wallet for something I could probably build myself with enough junk metal, time, headscratching, and mistakes, but I think I'm going to end up having to fork out $200 for a new petcock anyway, so I guess my tight nature just hasn't been keeping up with inflation! :P

Let's reexamine the totals.... :3

Tug: $205.95

Hack: $850 shipped plus $100 subframe = $950

Total so far: $1155.95

If I stay under $1500, this will be a nice machine for the <$1500 thread. Or am I thinking of a different forum? >_>
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