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Originally Posted by doc_ricketts View Post
Took my other (first) Savage (12 BVSS .308) out to the range today after I got in some more Hornady 168 BTHP bullets in. The thing has been a slight mystery, but after putting a harmonic killer and getting the action screw torques right, I thought I had it consistently good. However, my final test today shows that the thing will shoot best when you clean every 3 round group and do not let the barrel get too hot. If I could place my hand on the barrel and it felt nice and warm, it gave .25 minute groups at 100 yds. If I let it get too hot to hold my hand on, then the groups would start opening up. But I was satisfied today and will continue to shoot it that way with the original Savage fluted barrel. I was shooting next to a Hewlett Packard exec with a $4000 Desert Tactical SRS in .308 (with a $3400 Schmidt and Bender scope) so the lil Savage was really trying hard. By the way, the HP exec was letting his associates shoot the expensive sniper rifle and their groups were about 2-3 minutes at 100 yds. Just goes to show ya.....
What powder are you using? I have a 112BT that won't really perform until I feed it loads using IMR 4064, with others I have tried, accuracy has been fair to poor, but any load I've tried using 4064 shoots 1/2 or less.
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