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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
I want the originals. The "real deals" not some modern plastic computerized "imitation". I especially love the air cooled Beetle. I have owned 3 of them, and will most likely own another. Other than my former '70 Dodge Charger with a 440 Magnum, they were the most fun cars I ever owned.
I've always driven Volkswagens. Started with a 1988 Fox and as new as a 2007 Rabbit. In no way do I think my Beetle replaces the original, that's not the point of it. I got the Beetle because I wanted a convertible, and I knew if I got a Cabrio I would mod the hell out of it, because I had already owned two others on the MK3 platform and I knew too much about what was available for them. I knew if I got a Beetle, I wouldn't do much beyond suspension and wheels. I didn't buy it with the intent of it being "retro," I just wanted a convertible and they're cute.

I like that older people often approach me in parking lots or chat with me at stop lights though. besides the rough shape, it's nothing like the original, but it still brings them back to the one they had. Also, kids on the side of the road punch each other, that's probably the best part.

The biggest thing the New Beetle has in common with an air-cooled though, is that neither have a badge. I know the air-cooled weren't technically called Beetles, but it obviously caught on, and they never said Beetle on them. Well, the new ones don't either. What other car doesn't have a badge on it? Nothing I can think of, outside of exotics. It doesn't need a badge, it's so iconic everyone knows what it is from any angle. That, I like. I know cars, and when new Nissans and Hondas and whatever come out, you rarely know what they are anymore when you see one on the road for the first time. That's never a problem with the Beetle, of any era. That's what still evokes warm fuzzies even with the new ones. It's familiar and comforting. And it comes stock with a bud vase
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