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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor View Post
Won't be getting rid of a 950 for anything right now short of a 7XXcc Adventure. I still can't believe this bike doesn't exist. Come on, KTM.
I'm afraid we will never see a bike like many in this forum crave for: a 700 to 800 cc twin cylinder, less than 200 kg with a full tank and a range of 300+ kilometer, about 90 to 100 HP, 21/18 wheels, robust and easy to maintain. It could be built, but the market for such a bike is too small. As a rule of thumb about 15'000 bikes need to be sold over 3 years to recover development cost and make some profit. I doubt there is a market for more than 3000 to 5000 bikes like these worldwide. Sure, the typical ADVrider user would love such a bike (as would I), but how many are there ?

What KTM could (and should, IMHO) do is bring back the 950 Superenduro with the current 990 engine, more range, and less travel (i.e. 210 mm as in the current Adventure) to make it less intimidating to anyone who is not as tall as a basketball player. The market for this bike wouldn't be huge, but nor would be development costs, because all the parts are already there.

I solved the problem of the "ultimate road / dirtroad adventure bike" simply with 2 bikes: a 990 SMT for pure road trips, and a 690 Enduro for mixed road / offroad riding. Besides cost, there are only two drawbacks of this setup: (1) the 690 E is not very comfortable on long rides on paved roads, and (2) I need to decide which bike to take before every ride. Both issues are luxury problems I can live with ;-)


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