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Originally Posted by FechFech View Post
I read the article in the (print edition) of "Motorrad" magazine in the meantime (teaser here:

Tech Specs of the 1190 Adventure R are:

- Detuned 75 degree V-twin from RC8
- 150 HP at 10'000 RPM
- 230 kg with a full tank of 24 liters
- 21 inch front wheel, 18 inch rear wheel
- Seat hight 840 mm
- Dual 300 mm discs front brake
- 265 mm disc rear brake
- Traction control with 2 modes: Sport/Road (full power), Offroad/Rain (power limited to 100 HP)
- ABS, with offroad mode (i.e. no ABS on rear brake, limited slip of front wheel possible)
- Ride by wire

Ride impressions:

- Engine is fantastic, smooth power at bottom end, mighty punch in midrange, endless power at high RPM
- Engine is miles ahead of current 990, much better at bottom end, lots more power
- Slight vibes above 7500 RPM
- Power delivery at high RMP similar to Multistrada, but much better at low RPM and midrange
- Suspension is top-notch, handling is excellent, steering very precise

The bike was ridden by the editor in chief of "Motorrad", together with Philipp Habsburg, development manager of KTM. Habsburg says the goal is to build the best adventure bike in its class, period. There will be also an 1190 Adventure (without the "R"), with 19/17 inch wheels and less travel, which is more road orientated. Both bikes will be unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan (November 15 to 18) and be available at dealers in March 2013.

Personally, I'll certainly test-ride the bike when it's available next spring. I currently own a 990 SMT and I look forward to see that engine in a 1190 SMT. If it can replace my 990 SMT and my 690 Enduro remains to be seen...

Here is one more picture of the 1190 Adventure R from "Motorrad" magazine:


Thaks Fech

OK, I liked everything I read...
The off road mode ABS sounds perfect to me since I really like it at front but hate it at the rear on off road.
You said "230 kg with a full tank of 24 liters", it means it has a 24 liter tank and weights 230kg or it weights 230kg wet?
Did they said anything about suspension travel on R and standar model?

While I don't like the exhaust I'm sure the aftermarket industry will fix that soon.
What I really miss? the Rally/Dakar looks. I love the tanks and fairing on 950/990 ...
KTM 1190 Adv R
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