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Ok, time to get serious and get this bike sorted. First order of business is to build another bike stand. I disassembled my previous bike stand that I had in Iowa, North Carolina and California. I've missed it ever since the move back to Minnesota. So I made a home depot run and $20 bucks and 2 hours later, I had me a nice table for bike building....

First thing off the bike was the suspension to get packaged up and sent off to Superplush. I've worked with them in the past when I lived in the Bay Area. As they say, the best compliment in the business world, is a repeat customer. Well, here I am repeating myself... I took my KTM 990 there a few years ago and they had that bike dialed in. I'm hoping they can do the same with my XRR. The thing that is most impressive is their ability to think outside the box for big riders like myself. I called other suspension shops, and I basically knew beforehand which springs they were going to recommend, even though the bike would have still been under-sprung. Hell, anyone can look up a parts catalog and see what "fits" the CRF-450 forks. But the folks at Superplush talked about cutting down other springs, etc. Real knowledge. To top it off, they were helping with other aftermarket parts, making sure I don't forget about the right footpeg bolts, steel subframe, etc. Real enthusiasts too!

Ok, you get it, I like their service. Any howdy, Superplush sent out a shipping box and label the week prior, I got everything boxed up and shipped to them. Now I'm staring at a frame that needs attention.

By the way, check out this chain and the side grooves in the sprocket teeth. Either the wheel is misaligned or the chain might be the wrong size for the sprockets, I can't tell yet, either way it's coming off!
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