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Originally Posted by FechFech View Post
The weight of 230 kg (507 pounds) is ready to ride and with the tank filled to capacity. Unfortunately the article doesn't say anything about travel.


The "R" means off-road and thus equipped with a 21" front wheel. I tried really hard to look in the article if the rear was a 17 or an 18 but it looks to me like an 18 incher. Supposedly the non-R will be equipped to more directly complete with the new water cooled GS coming next year, so presumably 19/17 combo. From the photos, the travel looks to be very similar to the standard 990 so figure about 210, maybe 220 front and rear. The article stated a seat height of 840mm so I can't imagine any more travel than this will keep that nice prone collector off the ground.

Still, I am pleasantly surprised. No, it's not the purest bike I would like, but that bike won't win KTM the volume it needs to stay afloat. Like it or not, the market wants (for now) a bike more like the Multistrada than the current Adventure and if not for the void left by the departure of the 950SE, I would not have any problem with this. As it is, I'll keep my 07 990 until either a smaller twin hits the market, or I stop riding more than just gravel roads.
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