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Moving the Bridgeport

Well since I only have had 7 replies to this thread...I hope nobody but the repliers here get to learn anything from moving the mill today.

My dad and I rented a $34 5x9 foot U-haul trailer with a ramp. It was a good thing that we had my dad's truck, because the u-haul people check to make sure that the tail-lights and brake lights work...which do not with my truck beucase I have not hooked up the trailer light cable yet.

Loading the Wells-Index mill was no big deal, we had a tow-motor so we just picked it up, dropped it in the mobile base and then picked it up again and dropped it in the trailer, no big deal. It was a good thing that I made the mobile base 1 inch bigger in length and width, the front and back of the base kind of bow out a small ammount and this 1 inch made up for that pretty much perfectly.

I used 4 smaller ratchet straps to hold this thing down and the ride was no big deal. Un-loading the mill was a learning experience. We used a stap to tie the base of the mill to a pine tree, then we used a come-a-long to tie the base of the mill to the front of the trailer with about a foot of slack, the tree tie had no slack. My dad would pull the truck forward about a foot, take up the slack in the come-along, the mill would be pulled off the trailer a small ammount because it was tied to the tree and then we would let out another foot with the come-a-long. We did this until the mill was off the truck, then we just muscled it into the garage, after I removed the lift, motorcycle, vacume, hose reel, chair, seat, etc...The garage is packed now, hopefully I will be able to arrange it better.

Here are the pics and one video of getting the mill off the trailer.


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