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Originally Posted by daytona View Post
I can't find the recall on the battery on the web! was it supposed to have a yuasa ytz installed instead of the one I find in it today Exide with the BMW label and a tag with 06/09 on it! the date the bike was sold. I called the service man, got phone slammed on me, called and spoke to the mgr! said he'd look into it! call next week. Any comments on what I can do? This stallin thing is getting unbearable not to mention UNSAFE. Thanks for lettin me rant! I feel better anyway!
Although I doubt the battery has anything to do with the stalling (at least until the battery actually fails). But I would not trust that Exide battery one bit! There's a reason they went with Yuasa, Exide just couldn't fix the issue. This was a couple years ago, so maybe the newest Exide is OK. But having been stranded by a failed Exide already, I would swap it out if even at my own expense.
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