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UTBDR GPS tracks with side attractions

I know the Zumo 550 has it's issues, and Doesn't like to convert tracks into routes. But, if you do end up going with another GPS, Maybe this will help. I'm doing the UTBDR on Aug 31, and I've modified the GPS Tracks provided by Butler Maps. This version includes, of course the main route, plus all of the additional Sites along the way:
  • Anazazi Ruins,
  • Caves,
  • Mines
  • Arches,
  • Springs,
  • Old Cabins,
  • Dinosour Footprints,
  • Ghost Towns
  • Outlaw Historical sites
  • Old Cemeteries
  • and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting.

Let me know if this helps!
Download it here:
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