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Laugh Day 8 Yellowstone or Wetstone

Get going and jump back on the railroad route into west Yellowstone. We cross into Montana from Idaho on the dirt track, I really get a kick out of crossing State lines on dirt tracks.

As we enter the gate I am happy to learn I get a discount for having two less wheels than everyone else . It is a beautiful amazing day and I stop at the entrance to shed my jacket liner and open all the vents. Wow its getting warm and I am so lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day. About 5 miles in off to north east I spy a giant wall of ominous dark clouds, hummm that was a quick turn maybe we will outrun it or it will blow pass . Lost Alaskan was right there are a ton of people here and they all drive like crap. I assume the conversation goes like this in the cars ahead “STOP!!! It’s a mule deer babe lets lock it up in the middle of the road and hold up a line of traffic so we can get the perfect pic. Yea its been 5 minutes I don’t care I am on vacation and the road is my own personal parking lot”. I think because I have been enjoying the best scenery all to myself for a week I perhaps need to become acclimated again.

The rain clouds start looking a bit worse and I hold off as long as I can but have to make a stop. On goes the Klim latitude pants which never ever got a drop of water through them I might add . I wish I had waterproof gloves o well nothing I can do now. The rain starts and does’t stop, I am on the quick rainy tour of Yellowstone but I am being positive about the rain....maybe the crowds will disappear because of the rain. Nope that didn't slow em down, I am driving by awesome scenery and bubbling springs and mud pits, amazing!! I will have to return in the offish season when its dry.

There it is Old Faithful, always wanted to see this and judging be the parking lot the size of that at the Staples center I will be sharing. Wow I knew there would be crowds but it is massive crowds and Lost Alaskan wasn't exaggerating about it being Disney Land. This did help reenforce my passion in the Adventure world since seeing so much amazing country on my own or with just a few people there. I really appreciate the ability to really truly get away even more.

We continue back into the rain and I explain to Lost Alaskan I wish I had waterproof gloves since I cant feel my fingers anymore as my gloves are soaked. He pulls his gloves out of the engine and says , “Old indian trick, they will dry em out while your stopped and at least make them warm” Humm I didn't know old west Indians had motorcycles but I like it. Alaskan offers up his waterproofish gloves as he has an extra pair. Thank you sir they worked for a while but eventually gave in and it was freezing fingers again. Slow and cold that is the tempo

A day of cold rain riding at slow speeds through the park has us both wiped, Alaskan suggest eating at the Roosevelt Lodge in the park, Sounds good to me and for kicks I ask if any rooms available. Humm sir let me check .....nope and nothing for the next 3 months. What I figured. This place is pretty cool and worth a stop even if your not eating. I ordered the full rack of ribs and man o man they were tasty falling off the bone . I hung my jacket and gear on the back off the chair and created a nice pool of water as it continued to drip the hours of rain it collected.

The drive out of the park to Cook City was incredible and dry, amazing scenery everywhere you look.

Roll into cook city and luckily find a very reasonable room at the Soda Butte lodge. Considering everyone else was full a its Nice enough place, you wont find fuzzy robes but clean and not full. The parking lots full of Harley guys so I say hello fellow motorcycle afficianado and get the stink eye from several; whatever dude a hello back wouldn't crack your billy bad ass facade now go rub your bike with a diaper. Nice little bar in there as well, have one or two beers and we are done. I take out my phone and the bartender says “No service here, Cook City is stuck in 1974” Long day so off to bed. Alaskan hangs all the gloves on the curtain rods explaining heat rises and they will dry quicker that way, “Old Indian trick” he says. Well they were dry in the morning so must work.

174 Miles with an average speed of 16 mph and learn its not the milage that counts but the time in the saddle. Tomorrow the Bear tooth and the pumpkin takes a nap.
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