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What an awesome experience! That was my first.mile, and it was really, really cool.

Weather here is awesome. After a pretty nasty summer here according to my brother (with whom I am staying - more about him in a bit), this weekend has seen fantastic weather. Low humidity, temps in the low 80s, and lots of sun.

Busy day as my brother force-marched me around the city. He is obviously really proud of this place, as he insisted I see all of it. All of it. Really. My feet are seriously killing me right now.

We got to the state fairgrounds with enough time to spare so we could walk around a bit (as if I had not done enough walking between yesterday and today). I had never been to a state fair before. I did not realize the organizers conspired to come up with ever more insanely food types. Deep fried butter? Really? Who made that up? More importantly, why? Because the stack of deep-fried twinkles and the bloomin' onions weren't enough? I am stunned this entire state does not suffer from major coronary issues.

We then heard the qualifying start for the 450s, so we went into the track area. Saw great riding, then they opened the paddock area for an hour, so we went there. My brother, who has never been into motorcycles, loved that part. I picked up a couple signed posters, which was cool. I enjoyed talking with the racers.

So we return to the stands so we can watch qualifying. Then during a break, Colin Edwards starts launching t-shirts into the stands. And my brother, who has NEVER been into bikes, gets one. . Unbelievable.

Then during a red-flagged portion of the lightweight classes, they put Rossi on the stand for a quick interview, which is where we learn Nicky has been declared unfit for tomorrow's race.

Except for that, it was a great experience, and I will do it again.

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