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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
The problem is, it's just getting really hard to find new bikes with the features, character and soul of vintage bikes. Aside from HD, the Enfield and the Ural Solo are about it. I had completely forgotten about the Ural, I went to their site and looked. That Solo does look good, and I have a Ural dealer not to far away, I might just go check one out. My biggest concern is that they are made in Russia, and with the shaky relations between the U.S. and Russia right now, I wonder about future parts availability.
read the thread here about why not to buy a ural. If you like repairing you bike ever week or so, crappy gas mileage at 35 MPG then go for it. a Few people have put real BMW air head engines in them. Don't get me wrong it you don't mind doing as your grandfather did when he road a bike they re nice. It's a 1941 engine no matter how you update it and it's going to take 1941 motorcycle riding skills to keep it going . No riding week in and out with no thoughts of doing anything. You would be better to spend 5 grand a 1970 something BMW airhead bike instead. Even an old BWM R 60 or r65 airhead with a side car is better then these.

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