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I took my son out on the PCX150 last night. He is really big at 6'1, 270 lbs./ 120kg. I started him on my Honda CBR250R and he seemed to be doing ok in the parking lot but that bike would need a taller seat to fit him well so I bought a used Ninja650 so that he could have something that was cross country, super highway capable, as I am on my 250. We had spent the entire spring trying to get him skilled enough to ride but the Ninja was just too big and heavy and slow to turn in that he never felt confident enough to make the transition to actually riding on the open roads.
Enter the PCX. Believe it or not, he fits really well on the bike and it doesn't look at all out of proportion. I removed the seat hump and covered the holes with tape for now until I can do something better and rotated the bars forward so now there is plenty of room for him.
He took to it immediately. It is amazing how much easier the PCX is to ride. We ride bicycles together often so he was familiar with traffic law and etiquette but was always having trouble making the corners on the Ninja and could never get relaxed. The PCX is a breeze. 20 minutes of parking lot and side roads and he was ready to get right along with light, evening traffic with a skilled rider in front and another behind. For the speeds up to 40 mph/ 65 kph that we are using so far around town, the 150 has plenty of power and gearing to move a large rider effortlessly, even up the bigger hills. He said he was rarely using more than 20% throttle.
The seat will need some major reshaping to eliminate the tendency to slide you forward and then the PCX will be perfect transportation for him.
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