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Originally Posted by Beema Killa View Post
Not sure why everyone is harping on the exhaust. This isn't the production model. I doubt the exhaust is staying where you see it. It looks very rudimentary and I'm sure the final resting place will be in a high, cleanly run position. Bike looks good to me. And I'm sure the kickstand, cooling, blah blah blah issues are gone. Expect growing pains just like any new model though.
Well, since I am no RC8 owner I don't know if they have the same water pump issues as the LC8. KTM doesn't appear to have learned from the side stand debacle of the LC8: it still appears to be bolted directly to the engine cases (don't shoot if I am wrong; I can only judge based on what I can see in the Motorrad article pictures).

Also, I doubt a whole lot will change on the exhaust location. The only thing likely to change is the level of finish will improve to the usual production level standards.
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