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Originally Posted by ADVNCW View Post
From our experience, camping in Wenatchee is not all that great. First we headed up the road to the country camp, but were turned away because they don't take tenters. The gentleman at this camp recommended the fair grounds in Cashmere so we headed up there. The fair grounds camping area was like a gravel parking lot fenced in with chain link fence. It was depressing. It was getting late so we decided to head back to the state park in Wenatchee. At first sight it looked to be OK. Nice green grass and not too busy, but then the mosquitos made their assault. There were mosquitos everywhere -thick as soup, but we were tired and decided to stay.

We set up camp - I set up my tent for the first and last time of the trip only because of the bugs, and we proceeded to the bathrooms to rinse our clothes out and take cold (free) showers. It felt great. It was very warm that night, so no sleeping bag was needed.

Look at all that green grass and they make you set your tent up on a patch of wet sand. :-/

Camping at Skeeter City marks the end of day 2.

Wow, lots of nice high country to camp. I would suggest that. Even say, up on Chumstick Mountain- there is a spring on the road a few switchbacks from the top of Chumstick.

I live in Leavenworth, would never recommend camping low when there is so much nice stuff up high! This has occurred to me before when previously I read about camping in the valleys, commercial $$ camps etc. The good stuff is up high, and free!

But I am really enjoying your TR and will start my own WABDR soon.[/QUOTE]

That's one thing that we never did was camp on the trail up higher. I think that this was probably generally getting into town late leaving just enough time for dinner, gas, and finding a close camp.

Maybe we'll try to plan a bit different next time so that we can grab food a bit sooner, and then head out on the next leg for a few miles to find camp.

Like you said, FREE!!

ADVNCW, I look forward to reading your RR.
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