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Cry 1 year anniversary

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my accident, and although I have healed just fine, every day I am reminded that I had quite an injury down there. Some days it's just a little ache or pain, some nights when I get into bed my ankle aches enough that I have to get up and take a couple of aspirin, but I can walk normally, take my dogs for a mile or two walk almost daily. I do find I am a little more cautious/tentative in situations that have the potential to twist my ankle.
Regarding riding, I have no problem whatsoever with street riding, have had my GTL out a couple of times for some great tours with no issues whatsoever, compression stockings I have found make a huge difference when long distance touring in end-of-day comfort.
Dirt riding, however, is a different story. I am definitely more tentative. I did go to the Rawhyde Arizona Rally, and the first day of dirt riding I was very nervous and tight riding in a group that I did not now. After about 45 minutes of riding we stopped and took a break, this was on pretty easy fire roads in the mountains south of Flagstaff, and I was almost ready to turn around and head back to camp. I was really questioning myself whether I should be doing that. I got back on the bike and things did start to ease up for me and I got to feeling more comfortable on the bike. The next day did a similar ride, and all was going well until I tried to turn around on a slight slope and the bike got away from me and went over and in getting off I twisted/sprained the opposite knee from the leg I injured. Great. That turned out ok, it wasn't hurt too bad, several days of icing and painkillers brought it around. This really got me to thinking about my abilities to handle a 1200GS. The last ride I took on my GS this summer was over Guanella Pass in the Front Range of Colorado, which is basically paved the whole way, some dirt sections, and we took an off-road trail which went pretty well except for a stream crossing we came to, and I could not bring myself to cross it. It wasn't particularly long or deep, but I just couldn't bring myself to cross that stream for fear of slipping and dropping the bike yet again and hurting something else, or my already compromised ankle. So, the GS sits, I love the bike, love the exploring, but I think my time may be up with it. There is a new Wrangler Rubicon sitting in my driveway which allows my wife to come along with me to enjoy the back country, this will be how I explore in the future. As Harry Callahan played by Clint Eastwood said, "A man's got to know his limitations."
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